Awards & Recognition


2013 Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity
Volunteer Award Winners

Millard Fuller Award

The volunteer who demonstrates leadership, going above and beyond the call of duty, and who exemplifies asking others to get involved.

2013 Millard Fuller Award Recipient: Jon Stephens

Jon Stephens has been leading the CarMax teams of volunteers in building on the construction site for the last several years. When on site, Jon does a great job leading through example by working hard to get any project accomplished that is set before him and leading his team to success. The teams have done great work on siding, foundation work, landscaping, and other projects. Also, Jon has consistently initiated CarMax Foundation grants awarded to Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity. We truly appreciate Jon’s dedication to helping Habitat’s partner families with his time, recruiting others to help and connecting CarMax and PPHFH as partners in building.


Linda Fuller Award

The volunteer who does an outstanding job in working with our partner families, and exemplifies compassion and devotion for our Habitat partner families during and after their path to homeownership.

2013 Linda Fuller Award Recipient: John Sebben

John Sebben has served on Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity’s Family Selection Committee for many years. John’s fun, witty sense of humor is a joy to be around and places the potential partner families at ease during interviews. He is a strong advocate for Habitat applicants, while maintaining objectivity and performing his job with care and dedication in order to set up future homeowners for success. We are excited to honor John for his wonderful dedication and hard work toward accomplishing the Habitat mission!


Journeyman Award

The volunteer who has made a long-term commitment to Habitat and performs vital behind-the-scenes work for our affiliate, and is ready and willing to do whatever is needed to keep Habitat running smoothly.

2013 Journeyman Award Recipient: Jim Riggins

Jim Riggins, owner of EnerSmart Energy Solutions, has been working with PPHFH for many years on the Building Committee and has led and supported our affiliate to build every home with an Energy Star rating. Jim has graciously donated his time and resources to allow our affiliate to provide more energy efficient homes for Habitat’s partner families. We are thrilled to honor Jim with the 2013 Journeyman Award for all of his hard work and dedication to Habitat’s mission.


Volunteer Group of the Year

The volunteer group who volunteers frequently at our Habitat construction site. Not only does this group demonstrate outstanding construction ability, but this group also displays spirit and devotion to building Habitat homes.

2013 Volunteer Group of the Year: Wells Fargo

The Volunteer Group of the Year Award has been presented to the team that has been led by Tracy Mazza. Tracy organized over one hundred Wells Fargo volunteers to build with us on the construction site over nine days in 2013. Each team was well prepared, eager to build and were willing to work on any project set before them. Tracy was also responsible for initiating a Wells Fargo grant awarded to Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity. We truly appreciate all of Tracy’s hard work in coordinating her teams of volunteers, and Wells Fargo’s effort to help more families in El Paso County become homeowners!


The Chris Brownlow Golden Hammer Award

This award is named in honor of Chris Brownlow and is presented to the individual who displays the joyful and loving qualities Chris consistently demonstrated. These characteristics include strong leadership, always performing work with joy and a positive attitude, having a servant spirit and conducting him or herself in a manner that is synonymous with the philosophy of Habitat for Humanity both within and outside of the organization.

2013 Golden Hammer Award Recipient: Steve Hein

Steve Hein serves as a Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity Board Member and since the beginning of his time volunteering, Steve has done a tremendous job assisting the PPHFH staff in the completion of legal documents and providing dependable and knowledgeable legal guidance. Steve is always willing to help the staff in any way he can, always researching every issue to the fullest extent, and his care and expertise are extremely valuable to accomplishing our mission. We are excited to honor Steve Hein as the Chris Brownlow Golden Hammer Award Winner for 2013!


Past Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity
Volunteer Award Winners

The Millard Fuller Award: Greg Barbuto
The Linda Fuller Award: Mike Haskell
Journeyman of the Year: Stan Anderson
Volunteer Group of the Year: Parade of Homes Decorating Team
Golden Hammer Award: Brad Gann

The Millard Fuller Award: Steve Boyce
The Linda Fuller Award: Nancy Snyder
Journeyman of the Year: Tri-Lakes Disposal
Volunteer Group of the Year: Chili’s
Golden Hammer Award: Candy Molter

The Millard Fuller Award: Art and Laurel Thorstensen
The Linda Fuller Award: Steve and Carol Reedy
Journeyman of the Year: Clark Land Surveying, Inc.
Volunteer Group of the Year: Cultured Singles
Golden Hammer Award: Jeff Mawhirter

The Millard Fuller Award: Pauleta Terven
The Linda Fuller Award: Sandy Duvall
Journeyman of the Year: Leroy Springer
Volunteer Group of the Year: Colorado Springs Utilities
Golden Hammer Award: Mike Matkin

The Millard Fuller Award: Sandie Trowbridge
The Linda Fuller Award: Cliff Wantz
Journeyman of the Year: John Chittenden
Volunteer Group of the Year: T. Rowe Price
Golden Hammer Award: Dave Warner

The Millard Fuller Award: Tim Trowbridge
The Linda Fuller Award: Dominic Incitti
Journeyman of the Year: Mike Stine
Volunteer Group of the Year: Pine Creek Habitat for Humanity Club
Golden Hammer Award: Mark Long

The Millard Fuller Award: Kevin Dibble
The Linda Fuller Award: Jeff Mawhirter
Journeyman of the Year: Scott Westermann
Volunteer Group of the Year: Wells Fargo
Golden Hammer Award: Rick Superak

The Millard Fuller Award: Chris Brownlow
The Linda Fuller Award: Laurie Lopez
Journeyman of the Year: Luanne Rubey
Volunteer Group of the Year: Lockheed Martin Employees
Golden Hammer Award: Ted Cox

The Millard Fuller Award: Rick Superak
The Linda Fuller Award: Michael Tijunait
Journeyman of the Year: Charlotte Young & Jerry Burns, Architrilogy
Volunteer Group of the Year: The Regulars
Golden Hammer Award: Larry Hummel