Meet Our New Families

Ramos-Esquerra Family
Ramos-Esquerra picYeidy and Yovany have tried before to qualify for a mortgage, and have been turned down every time. They worry about not being able to afford a house with enough space for their two sons (12 months and 14 years old). Building their home with Habitat now, they can let go of the financial worries and feel confident that they will have an affordable house. A home where they can feel comfortable and safe.

Future home: Colorado Springs
Sponsor: ReStore

Davis Family
Davis picNever knowing if her rent is going up or if she will have to move again is a big fear, but building her house with Habitat, Mrs. Davis can now provide a forever, safe home for her three children. The stress of an unsure future is no longer a worry. And her children will be able to play with a neighborhood full of kids. Having a home “will give us a sense of roots that will grow through the years.”

Future home: Woodmen Vistas
Sponsor: Bike & Build

Norville Family
Norville pic“It’s a huge relief to know it’s your home and to know that your children will always have a home.” Theresa has three children – two sons (14 and 8 years old), and a married daughter who lives on her own. In renting a house, Theresa fears the landlord might sell it, or Section 8 housing will be eliminated. With a Habitat home, they will have financial security and permanence, and Theresa believes “It will dramatically change my family’s life in the most positive way.”
Future home: Colorado Springs
Sponsor: ReStore

Herren-Tyrrell Family
Herren-Tyrrell picHaving a family of four cramped in a small apartment with no yard for their two boys to play in, Daphne and Matthew wanted to change their family’s future. Daphne says that by applying for a Habitat house, they “took the step to work toward a better life,” and adds, “We just want everyone to know how thankful we are for this life-changing opportunity!”
Future home: Woodmen Vistas
Sponsor: Thrivent Financial

VanDivner Family
VanDivner pic Living in a two-bedroom with mold issues and a restrictive environment that doesn’t allow her son to play freely, Alanea was desperate to find decent, permanent housing. Now they’re starting to build their Habitat house! “It will be the best thing for us as a family. My children will be able to grow and thrive in one home for the rest of their lives.” Soon they will have a home where the family can celebrate the holidays together.
Moved in! Country Living in Fountain
Sponsor: Home Depot