Meet Our New Families

Gallegos Family
Gallegos Family Photo_websiteLiving in a safe neighborhood, but too-small apartment, Francine didn’t know what she was going to do when the rent was slated to increase dramatically. She was not about to compromise her children’s safety for affordability only to end up living in a high-risk area. Now as a future homeowner, Francine says it’s “like a burden had been lifted from my heart.”

Future home: Country Living
Sponsors: Women Build and Wells Fargo

Ngo Family
Ngo pic_website

Having a safe, stable and clean house is important to the Ngo family. They believe that it will make for lifelong success. “I really appreciate all the help, support, and care from all the people in the program. You make me feel like all my efforts and hard work and prayers paid off.”
Future home: Woodmen Vistas
Sponsor: Thrivent Financial

Wiggins Family
T. Wiggins picTressalina and her two daughters share a bedroom in her parents’ three-bedroom, one-bathroom house. Family is very important to them, yet their current situation is too crowded. Tress was overjoyed to learn that her family had been selected for a Habitat house, and she is looking forward to making her own family traditions with her daughters in their own home.

Future home: Colorado Springs
Sponsor: ReStore

Emmanuel and Esteli’s Family
Emmanuel and Esteli's Family picThe family of Emmanuel and Esteli arrived from Burundi, Africa in 2008. Emmanuel works at Fort Carson, and Esteli is a stay-at-home mom — of eight boys! “We decided to apply for a Habitat home because we are a big family, and we live in two separate apartments,” Emmanuel said. “We want a house that we can afford and the whole family can live together.”

Future home: Country Living
Sponsor: Ent Federal Credit Union

Williams Family
Williams Family Photo_resizeAmanda wants her children to know stability and independence. By owning her own home, she hopes that her children will learn the importance of hard work and dedication and the rewards that come from it. Gaining the freedom from being dependent on family for her housing needs is important to Amanda, and she said, “I was so excited to tell my kids that we would have a place to call home.”

Future home: Country Living
Sponsor: Bike & Build