Meet Our New Families

El Boualaye Family
El Boualaye Family PhotoPartnering with Habitat, Mohamed and Jillian can move from an unsafe neighborhood to a house where they can raise their daughters without worries. Already Jillian and her older daughter have spotted a community garden nearby in which they can plant fruits and veggies. And they can now have a playground area in their back yard.

Future home: Downtown Colorado Springs
Sponsor: ReStore
Wickwar Family
Wickwar Family Photo-crop“Indescribable feeling of gratitude. A life changing experience.” Taking care of her newborn baby girl,and her 15-year-old sister, Ramona is most appreciative of having a safe and affordable house for them. One of her sister’s favorite activities is to ride her bike, which makes it all the more special that Bike & Build is sponsoring their house!
Future home: Country Living
Sponsor: Bike & Build
Reyes Family
Reyes Family.2This will be a new house for Sandra, her two young sons, nephew, and mother. She works full-time as a CNA, and is working toward becoming a registered nurse. “I want to show my children how hard work and perseverance and responsibilities will pay off.” And with Habitat for Humanity, Sandra will finally be able to provide the stability and safety that she wants for her family.
Future home: Country Living
Sponsor: Fund for Humanity
Gallegos Family
Gallegos Family Photo_websiteLiving in a safe neighborhood, but too-small apartment, Francine didn’t know what she was going to do when the rent was slated to increase dramatically. She was not about to compromise her children’s safety for affordability only to end up living in a high-risk area. Now as a future homeowner, Francine says it’s “like a burden had been lifted from my heart.”

Future home: Country Living
Sponsors: Women Build and Wells Fargo