Meet Our New Families

Williams Family
Williams Family Photo_resizeAmanda wants her children to know stability and independence. By owning her own home, she hopes that her children will learn the importance of hard work and dedication and the rewards that come from it. Gaining the freedom from being dependent on family for her housing needs is important to Amanda, and she said, “I was so excited to tell my kids that we would have a place to call home.”

Future home: Country Living
Sponsor: Bike & Build
Family of Prosper and Chantal
Prosper and Chantal Family.1Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Prosper and Chantal immigrated to Colorado Springs with their four children, each with a variety of interests…sports, math, science, computer games, singing…and now their Habitat house will allow them the space (and a yard!) to pursue their activities without being crowded in a small, high-priced apartment.

Future home: Colorado Springs
Sponsor: ReStore
Crisman Family
Crisman pic.resizeBrandy affirms that a Habitat house will give her family stability. “And just knowing your payment isn’t going anywhere — it goes to owning our HOME!” That’s a big deal when all three have had to share one bedroom. She and her son, Gage, and daughter, Iliana, will join five other Habitat families who already live in our Country Living — that’s 13 other kids in the neighborhood to play with and ride bikes!

Future home: Country Living
Sponsor: The Home Depot Foundation
Landrau Family
Landrau_resizeLisa and her son, Noah, are thankful for a Habitat house as it will bring them the peace of mind that they won’t have to move anymore, and Lisa doesn’t have to worry that the rent will go up. Living in Colorado Springs since 1998, Lisa wants to stay in the community, and having a Habitat house makes this possible for her and Noah. As Lisa puts it, “We are finally stable.”

Future home: Woodmen Vistas
Sponsor: Ent Federal Credit Union
Norville Family
Norville pic“It’s a huge relief to know it’s your home and to know that your children will always have a home.” Theresa has three children – two sons (14 and 8 years old), and a married daughter who lives on her own. In renting a house, Theresa fears the landlord might sell it, or Section 8 housing will be eliminated. With a Habitat home, she believes “It will dramatically change my family’s life in the most positive way.”

Future home: Colorado Springs
Sponsor: ReStore