<div class="title1">We believe in</div><div class="title2">Miracles</div><strong>Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity </strong>does not build fancy houses. We build affordable homes – homes that provide much more than shelter. Our homes give low-income families the chance to experience the pride, dignity, and self-sufficiency of homeownership. <div class="title1">We believe in</div><div class="title2">Family</div><strong>Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity </strong>provides a hand up to families in need. Habitat families truly own their homes and are required to make a significant investment in order to become homeowners. <div class="title1">We believe in</div><div class="title2">Community</div><strong>Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity</strong> utilizes volunteer labor and tax-deductible donations of money and materials to build and rehabilitate simple, decent homes in partnership with the community and prospective homeowners.


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